Are you dissatisfied with your relationship, does it feel joyless? Is communication difficult and unrewarding, do you feel misunderstood and have difficulty getting your point of view across? Are you locked into a negative and painful pattern. These situations  are not uncommon.

Sometimes we have to step back and look at what is happening. We may have to work a little harder at understanding and enhancing our relationship,  particularly when life’s events erode the satisfaction we want to share and feel. Perhaps Couple Counselling  or Sex Therapy may help you and your partner.

What I offerCollege of Sexual and Relationship Therapists

I am an experienced Relationship Counsellor,  in particular Couple Counsellor and Sex/Psychosexual Therapist COSRT SNR Accredited. I have been working with a wide range of people in distressing circumstances for over 40 years. These have included families, parents , couples, young people and individuals who have experienced difficulties in society as well  as in  their key relationships.

Relationship Counselling   in particular offers help to those couples experiencing a number of frequently felt issues including communication breakdown, both physically and emotionally, infidelity, changes and losses brought about by upheavals, loss of job, moving away from family, step parenting , arrival of a new baby etc. The process of counselling offers an opportunity to look at unhelpful patterns of behaviour and unresolved issues from the past that may be impacting on an individuals day to day coping mechanisms.

Psychosexual Therapy  is available to anyone experiencing the distressing conditions including Erectile Dysfunction, Loss of desire, Vaginismus [a condition preventing successful penetration] Premature or Retarded Ejaculation, Painful Intercourse etc……also Gender issues and Sex Abuse.