About counselling

What is counselling?

Counselling is an opportunity to explore and enhance understanding through discussion in a safe  private and confidential setting. It is an opportunity to examine what may be troubling you and your partner,  giving you the chance to work together to  look at how the past may impact on the present day. The aim is to increase self awareness enabling you to make informed choices in you life and to feel more confident in your future. It is an opportunity to talk issues through which may help to create clarity both for individuals and couples enabling improvement in the situation.

As a Counsellor I am committed to help in this process , believing strongly that if we are content in our personal relationships  there is a positive impact  on all other areas of our lives. Counselling can prevent the pain and anguish of separation and can benefit all those close to us.

However sometimes  counselling can help us to unpick what has gone wrong in our relationships  ensuring that we avoid a repeating pattern in the future. For separating couples mediation and conciliation is also available as a means of reducing the conflict and pain felt at such a difficult time.